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Your oral health is connected to your overall wellness, and Audrey May-Jones, DDS, wants to treat it that way. At Proud To Serve Family Dentistry in Norman, Oklahoma, Dr. Audrey practices holistic dentistry, a dental approach committed to treating you, as a patient, as a whole person. This means tracking down the root of your health problems instead of just the symptoms. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about holistic dentistry.

Holistic Dentistry

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry refers to a philosophy that places the importance of your body and mind’s well-being as a whole above all else, treating underlying health problems rather than masking the symptoms. At Proud To Serve Family Dentistry, Dr. Audrey will always dig deeper than your symptoms to find out what’s causing them, ensuring that you have the perfect treatment plan for your unique needs.

Through the latest dental technology, such as digital X-rays, a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner, and intraoral cameras, Dr. Audrey performs thorough dental exams before recommending the right treatment plan for you. With innovative technology as well as traditional and holistic dental treatments, Dr. Audrey is able to determine the root of your oral health problem before making educated, well-informed treatment recommendations.

Which holistic practices can I expect?

Dr. Audrey offers a number of holistic dental practices, including:

SMART mercury amalgam filling removal

Mercury is a known neurotoxin that’s routinely used in traditional amalgam fillings. When mercury builds in your body over time, it can be poisonous to your overall health. While amalgam fillings are still used in dentistry, holistic dentists like Dr. Audrey avoid using them, opting instead for BPA-free composite resin fillings. To remove your potentially harmful amalgam fillings, Dr. Audrey abides by the strict SMART protocol. Designed by the IAOMT, the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique is used to protect patients against mercury toxicity during amalgam filling removals.

Ozone therapy

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms that are used in dentistry to treat dental infections and prevent cavities from spreading in your teeth. This groundbreaking dental therapy can also be used to treat and manage the effects of periodontal disease and halitosis (bad breath). When used as an antimicrobial agent, ozone has also been known to stimulate blood circulation and your body’s natural immune response.

Above all else, Dr. Audrey is dedicated to treating her patients as whole individuals with unique dental needs. That’s why she takes a holistic approach in every case she treats. To learn more about her natural dental practices, call Proud To Serve Family Dentistry or book an appointment online today.

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