Sedation Dentistry Norman, OK

Sedation Dentistry in Norman, OK

We fully understand that many people are anxious about visiting the dentist. Since we don't want fear to hold you back from getting the dental care you need, we offer sedation dentistry to improve your experience. Sedation dentistry allows you to relax while we perform a dental treatment. At the same time, you can remain conscious and aware of your surroundings.  For our patients who cannot tolerate receiving dental care while awake, we also offer deep sedation. During deep sedation, the patient is completely asleep. We coordinate with a local nurse anesthetist (CRNA) to provide this service for adults and children over the age of 3 yrs old. Instead of avoiding dental procedures, ask us about sedation dentistry!

Sedation Services Offered:

  • Nitrous Oxide Gas (aka Laughing gas)- offers mild sedation with quick onset and quickly wears off after it is turned off . Most people feel back to normal within 5-10 minutes after the procedure is finished.
  • Oral Sedation- Oral medication that provides moderate sedation, drowsiness, and amnesia. Most patients are awake and responsive throughout the procedure but often have no memory of it. This level of sedation requires a companion and driver as the medication last several hours.
  • IV Sedation- Moderate to Deep Sedation through intravenous medication administered by a local nurse anesthetist.  It provides complete sedation where patient is asleep and not responsive. Requires companion/driver due to medication lasting several hours. Also requires withholding of food and drink for at least 6hrs before procedure.
Sleep Apnea Norman, OK

Sleep Apnea

People who have sleep apnea never get the rest that they deserve. They have trouble breathing which constantly wakes them up throughout the night. Many people who have sleep apnea have multiple health problems. They are always exhausted. Being tired can affect people at home and at work. They may be miserable and have trouble concentrating. Sleep apnea can also affect their blood pressure, making them more likely to have strokes. There is a big risk with anesthesia since they have trouble breathing.  Oral sleep apnea appliances  offered by our practice are an alternative treatment option for patients who find CPAP devices too uncomfortable or too inconvenient. If you would like to see if you are a candidate for a Sleep Apnea Appliance, schedule a visit with us today!

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